Thunder in the Capital –

When Anthony Schumacher decided to run for the congressional seat of the retiring Representative Theodore Milhous Johnson, his meteoric rise through the conservative ranks was all but assured – he was a young, articulate lawyer with a beautiful wife and family. Nothing could stop him from one day becoming President. But instead of budget battles and health-care debates, his life as a promising politician led him to uncover secrets – dark secrets that some people in power would want to keep hidden forever. But who were they? Democrats? Terrorists? His fellow Republicans? And how far were they willing to go to knock young Schumacher off his pedestal? Sex scandals? Murder? The next political firestorm engulfing Washington, D.C. or gripping the nation could prove to be Anthony’s undoing. Or his ascendance to power could shake the very foundation of the United States Government and result in the tumultuous Thunder in the Capital

Showdown in the Capital –

When Anthony Schumacher took over as President of the United States, the nation breathed a much needed sigh of relief. The previous President had committed suicide after his plot to kill then-Vice President Schumacher unraveled, and the American people now just wanted to throw their support behind the new President. But political goodwill in Washington, D.C., only lasts so long, and the Democrats and terrorists were determined that the President’s honeymoon would be short-lived. The battle would rage after the President’s decision to reinstitute the military tribunals at Guantanamo Bay for captured enemy combatants. The liberals’ response was to politically damage the President the only way they knew how – by taking their case all the way up to the Supreme Court. Not content with waiting for the judicial system, the terrorists set a course to stop the President the only way they knew how – by killing him. The nation had better be prepared for the tumultuous Showdown in the Capital.

Chaos in the Capital –

When Anthony Schumacher decided to run for a full term as President, one thing was abundantly clear – the Democrats would pull out all the stops to defeat him at the polls. Democratic nominee Rosita Sanchez and her running mate, General T.D. Graham, know their best hope of winning is to convince Americans that President Schumacher is a danger to the country and they are the only hope for world peace. But one other thing was also very clear – the Islamic terrorists will do everything in their power to see him dead. When one of the 9/11 masterminds is put to death by the government, the enraged terrorists enter into an alliance with Mexican drug cartels to see to it that President Schumacher and his FBI are never again able to wage war on their jihad and drug trafficking across the southern border. With all the chaos in the capital, the nation wonders whether President Schumacher will win the election, or more importantly, whether he will live to see another day.

D-Day in the Capital –

Following his landslide victory, President Anthony Schumacher turned his attention to the most important issues facing America – energy independence and national security. After unveiling his All-American Energy Plan, the U.S. economy surged as oil prices plummeted. In the war on terror, terrorist thugs were rounded up or killed – never again to bring their jihad to America. Unfortunately, not everyone shared the President’s goals. The Pakistanis were hell-bent on revenge after one of their own was captured by the CIA. And with oil gushing on U.S. soil, the Russians were losing money at an alarming rate and needed a plan to stem the tide. With help from an American traitor, Pakistani and Russian operatives decide to make sure the President does not return from his first trip abroad. Through various threats and ultimatums, the plan encircles the Italian Prime Minister, whom the President is set to meet in Rome. What follows will result in the most stunning announcement in American history. The President’s only hope for survival – an elite team of FBI agents shadowing his every move.

  1. Susan Webster says:

    These books are the best! Sadly I have finished them all and am left wanting more. Love these characters. For some reason I kept picturing Trey Gowdy as President Shumaker. I also wished that our current occupant in the Whitehouse showed the fortitude and possessed the strength of character that Pres. Shumaker displays. I cried when the President’s best friend is killed. I hope that the author continues the series. I don’t want to say goodby to these characters. Thank you so much for a fabulous read!

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