Blackout in the Capital

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Blackout in the Capital (#8)

An EMP, short for electromagnetic pulse, constitutes one of the most destructive forces the world has ever seen. When weaponized, it could destroy the electrical grid and return modern society to the Dark Ages. Scientists have warned about it, but politicians have ignored it. What’s worse, terrorists intent on destroying the civilized world have craved it. And now they have it.

After Iranian terrorists successfully detonate an EMP device in Yemen, those in charge of protecting America are forced to face the very real possibility that terrorists will bring their weapon of mass destruction to the United States. Going on the offensive, President Schumacher sends covert operative D.A. “Duke” Schiffer to hunt down the terrorists before the unthinkable happens in the U.S.

When the President becomes incapacitated and with panicked Americans fearing the worst, Vice President Stubblefield is thrust into the role of Commander-in-Chief and immediately confronted with one of the greatest crises the United States has ever faced. With terrorists lurking off the coast of New York City and California, the chaos that ensues forces Stubblefield to consider making the gut-wrenching decision to sacrifice Schiffer for the good of the country. Whether the United States will be plunged into a hundred years of darkness depends on whether Schiffer survives and whether the terrorists can be stopped before it’s too late.

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