Fallout In the Capital

Fallout Fallout In The Capital       Now Available on Amazon.com     Released March 2014

With the resignation of Vice President Brenda Jackson imminent, America is in need of a replacement – and President Schumacher knows just the right man for the job. But the political opposition isn’t going to let FBI Director Ty Stubblefield become the next in line to the presidency without a fight. With too much at stake, Congressman Richard LeCocq uses his position on the Intelligence Committee to help his party expose Director Stubblefield’s tactics in the war on terror, including his use of the FBI’s secret Phantom team.

But LeCocq has other reasons for leaking the classified information. His campaign for New York City mayor crumbling under the weight of numerous scandals, the embattled LeCocq is in desperate need of cash. Radical jihadists looking for revenge see the opportunity and offer to fill LeCocq’s campaign coffers in exchange for information on the FBI’s elite strike force, and LeCocq cannot resist the temptation. When members of the Phantom team start showing up dead, it’s up to Special Agent D.A. “Duke” Schiffer to hunt down the terrorists and bring them to justice. But with Director Stubblefield next in the crosshairs, whether he becomes the new Vice President or the next victim depends on whether Agent Schiffer can uncover the plot and stop the killers in time.

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