Phantom in the Capital

Phantom in the Capital         Released in January 2015    Available at

PhantomCoverCopy2215After U.S. Ambassador to Egypt Alexandra Julian and Israeli Education Minister Ayala Rosenthal are taken hostage by jihadists during an Egyptian coup, terrorists threaten to behead the women and engage in worldwide jihad if the United States fails to release their comrades held at Guantanamo Bay. While a shocked world watches the madmen promise to destroy Israel and bomb the Pyramids, some demand America retaliate, while others want Washington to negotiate. Faced with the bloodiest crisis of his Administration, President Schumacher, at the urging of Vice President Stubblefield, decides the only option is to call upon America’s secret weapon – covert operative D.A. “Duke” Schiffer. Teaming with Israeli assassins, Schiffer’s mission is to sneak behind enemy lines and rescue the Ambassador before the terrorists carry out their threat to execute her. When the secret operation goes awry, the President and Vice President must wait and see whether Ambassador Julian and Duke Schiffer make it out of Egypt alive, or whether the United States is forced to enter World War III.

Paperback copies are available at

E-books are available at

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